40 Days and 40 Nights (Fiji, Bali, Thailand, and Australia)

Deidre welcome to Bounty Island

In December of 2013 I started my 40 day journey across 4 countries: Australia, Fiji, Bali and Thailand. Being the budget traveler I am, I searched for deals high and low online and was soon able to book all four destinations including flight and lodging for under $2,500 USD. First stop on my list: Melbourne, Australia followed by Nadi, Fiji, Bangkok, Thailand and Kuta, Bali.

Before visiting these magnificent countries, I did my research to figure out what type of activities I wanted to participate in while visiting these locales:

Thailand: Grand Palace, Wat Po, MBK Mall, Floating Market, Tiger Temple, Pattaya Beach, Calypso Musical

Bali: Silent Temple, Batur Sari Volcano, Monkey Temple

Fiji: Snorkeling, Mud Pool, Waterfall, Festive Dancing Shows, Island Hopping

Melbourne: Federation Square, St. Kilda Beach, Great Ocean Road, Hosier Lane


Upon returning home from my fabulous journey,the question I received the most was: “Which country was your favorite?” This question is like asking a parent which of their children is their favorite: you can’t really answer it! Each place had something different and special to offer. Read below to see my thoughts.

Bangkok, Thailand: 5 nights
I was very excited to visit the capital of Thailand as my first introduction to the country. Bangkok, a very big, busy, and noisy city had a lot to offer, too. From the night markets that sold everything from fruit to scorpions and maggots to the abundance of massage parlors where you could get an hour Thai massage for less than $10 USD. Getting around the city was also pretty simple, I had the hotel where I stayed write down the address of the places I wanted to visit in Thai so I could simply show the cab driver where I wanted to go- it helped with the language barrier and it made me feel a bit more comfortable traveling solo around the city.

Highlight of trip: Riding Elephants at the Samyook Elephant Camp

Deidre welcome to Bounty Island


Nadi, Fiji: 4 nights
In one word, Fiji was absolutely GORGEOUS. This is a place I will have to visit again and stay longer. Nadi is literally filled with thousands of beautiful green trees and crystal blue water. The air feels totally different than the air anywhere else that I have ever been. The Fiji natives were probably some of the nicest people I have ever met. I spent my days in Fiji snorkeling, lying out on the beach, riding speed boats from island to island and mixing and mingling my the natives. No trip to Fiji is complete without attending a Kava ceremony. Kava, is a local Fiji drink that is very popular among the locals. The taste is quite unique and is something you must experience while in Fiji.

Highlight of trip: Being invited to a local’s house for traditional Fijian diner.

Melbourne, Australia: 4 nights

Melbourne is such a great city for young people on the go. It is a very progressive place that houses many different kinds of people. I have a friend who lives in Melbourne so I got to experience it from a local’s point of view. I experienced eating at one of the many small cafes tucked away in the back of the shopping mall, I rode the free city tram around downtown Melbourne and observed all the scrambling tourists traveling from here to there, and I visited the infamous Hosier Lane, a street in the downtown area of Melbourne where locals can literally spray paint on the walls. The art was beautiful and quite original, it’s definitely a must see while in the city.

Highlight of trip: Sipping a hot mocha at one of the small cafes while having lunch with a friend

Kuta, Bali: 4 nights

After watching the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” I, like many other tourists, had a strong desire to visit Bali. While visiting Bali I wanted to experience the temples, the infamous Silent Retreat, and visit a medicine man.

I got to experience all of that and more. I spent one night in a silent retreat where the only rule was not to speak to anyone verbally. It was amazing. I prayed. I cried. I read books. I stared at the beautiful green trees. It was an experience I will never forget.

I also got the chance to visit the Monkey Temple where hundreds of monkeys literally surround a religious temple. The monkeys are sacred and while visiting the temple, you are in their territory and must respect them at all times. This is also a must do while in Bali.

Deidre with animal

If you are into massages and pampering, as I am- you will love Bali. I was able to go to a 4 star salon and get a 45 minute facial, 60 minute massage, manicure, and pedicure for a total price of $32 USD. That’s right- $32. The prices were so low I was able to afford a massage everyday of my journey.

Highlight of trip: Visiting the Silent Temple

(*Sydney, Australia, is where I spent the other 23 days)

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    Seems like you had a great time and stayed on your budget!!! Great article! I love getting massages every day in that part of the world.

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