Artful Luxe Living at the Villa Republic Hotel (Sri Lanka)

Nothing evokes luxury more than a five star hotel that has expertly mastered the art of bespoke experiences, from wait staff who are armed with intimate knowledge of local culture and customs, to decadent spa treatments and in-house amenities that make you feel instantly special. Stepping onto the grounds of the five-star Villa Republic Hotel in Gintota, Sri Lanka, you are immediately assured that you will embark on an exclusive and unforgettable sojourn.




Situated just 5 km from the center of the historic city of Galle, the Villa Republic boutique hotel offers its clientele both privacy and luxury on a scale that is unequalled by many of the hoteliers on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka. It is no surprise that the Villa Republic Hotel is the brainchild of one of the most reputed entrepreneurs and corporate executives from Sri Lanka- Dian Gomes. Gomes, who is known for his transformational leadership style and business astuteness, has proven that he can corner Sri Lanka’s burgeoning hotel industry.


Gomes’ meticulous attention to detail makes the Villa Republic Hotel a masterpiece. Classic “period” pieces and armoires are artfully curated, giving one the impression that he/she is in the inner sanctums of a museum, where the old and the new can happily coexist. Collectables and trouvailles become the centerpiece of the principal sitting area of the hotel and infographic books on the coffee tables make for a great conversation over breakfast or dinner.


Other museum-like features such as the fine lithographs on the walls, free standing sculptures and display cases, will indeed inspire your home décor, but most importantly assure that art is a part of the guest experience at the Villa Republic Hotel.


In addition to the element of stately elegance that is pervasive throughout the hotel, there is a warm, zen-like ambiance that is created by the number of natural elements on the premises and the pristine nature nearby. High ceilings, classic wicker style chairs, voile drapery, and wood panel hinged doors seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor spaces of the hotel and a well-appointed sitting area and veranda offer guests a post –tour reprieve overlooking the Indian Ocean.


In fact, most rooms perched on the Northwest corner of the hotel offer floor to ceiling views of where the Gin River meets the sea.


In addition to beautiful vistas, the Villa Republic Hotel features a garden patio with lush greenery and rare indigenous flowers, where you can linger over authentic Ceylon tea and a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast in the mornings.






Luxury extras and in-house amenities, such as pillow menus for optimal relaxation, ensure that the hotel is a place of respite for those seeking solace from the frenzied pace of city living.



What makes this hotel one of the Sri Lanka’s jewels is the attentive and well-versed wait staff who deftly manage to anticipate travelers’ needs and desires, while going out of their way to make you feel at home. Although the hotel room did not have a mini bar at the time of my visit, the concierge offered to procure a bottle of my favorite alcohol of choice from in town. This is an example of one of many personal touches that would brighten any guest’s stay. I found all staff members to be spirited, super friendly and knowledgeable, which made my visit to Sri Lanka even more memorable.

In terms of price, the Villa Republic Hotel falls on the moderate scale, offering rates of $150-$200/per night during high season (September- April). The Villa Republic offers a lifestyle experience for the most discerning of travelers, for those who like luxe living but who value serenity and quietude. The hotel excels at individuality, class, harmony and comfort.  If you are looking to elevate your travel hotel experiences, then book a room here for your next Sri Lankan retreat. Out of the 40 + countries that I have visited in my lifetime, this hotel is definitely meritorious of multiple Traveller’s Choice accolades.

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