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I am very ready to begin my traveling for the year. Starting now, I will travel once a month for the next seven months. I am going near and far, and before doing so, it is essentia that I prepare and plan some of my trip itineraries in advance. Trust me – while it’s nice to sometimes “go with the flow” on vacation, you don’t want to plan poorly and miss out on doing things that you won’t get the opportunity to do again. My advice is to try to map out a few planned events in between your R&R. Planning  ahead may even save you a few dollars. Here are a few more “before you go” tips.

#1) Research Your Hotel:

See what amenities hotels in your travel destination offer. Do they offer free airport shuttles? Do they offer free breakfast in the morning? What about your hotel offering discounts on local restaurants or shopping malls? Knowing information like this can help you better choose what hotel to stay in and may save money.

#2) Have all documents prepared 48 hours in advance:


It is important for you to have your passports, flight information, and any other important documents organized at least two days before – NOT the day before your departure. If you plan to have your documents ready the night before and something does not go as planned (stuck in traffic, flat tire on car, etc.) you are more than likely going to rush and leave behind something important.

*It is also essential to charge all electronics such as cameras, cell phones, IPods, etc. at least 24 hours before departure*

#3) Sign up for rewards points:

imagesNowadays, everyone offers some type of reward program: hotels, airlines, airport parking garages and more. It is important to sign up to gain rewards point before you take off. Websites such as offer a “Stay 9 nights, get 1 free”. I have used this program before and it has really helped me save money while traveling.

Airlines have awesome rewards programs! Earlier this year, I was able to get a free one way flight from Maryland to California by cashing in 25,000 airline miles I earned to and from India. If you travel frequently (or if you take one really long flight), you can easily rack up tons of air credit.

Following these few suggestions can make your trip a whole lot easier and much more rewarding (literally)!

-Cheers and Happy Travels-


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