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Reflections of South Africa: Nelson Mandela Version

mandela6 Reflections of South Africa: Nelson Mandela This current day and time former South Africa president, Nelson Mandela is on life support in Pretoria, South Africa. Mandela, 94, remains in critical but stable condition and has been battling a recurring lung infection since June 8, 2013. I am happy I had the opportunity to visit South Africa for ten days last month and feel his incredible presence Read more »

Restaurant review: Carnivore Nairobi Kenya

Servers at Carnivore in Kenya.   Do you crave the abundant aroma of beef, chicken, ostrich and more? If you’re a meat eater then Carnivore restaurant is for you.  They also have a desirable array of choices for the none meat eater but with a name like Carnivore you Have to know what the main line up will entail.  I personally haven’t ate red meat in over 6 years. Nonetheless, with it being one of the top 50 restaurants Read more »

What has traveling with your mom taught you?

Mother and Daughter Camel ride Mother's day is 5 days away and I still don't have a clue what to get my mom. But if it's one thing I know for sure, the gift of travel far outlast any spa treatment, dinner, kitchen appliance, gift card, etc. From riding on camels through the desert in Egypt to walking the strip in Las Vegas, traveling with my mom has taught me some of life's most valuable lessons. So, if your mom is like my mom Read more »

Confessions of a Foodaholic in South Africa

Kandia making Eish Masri or Egyptian pita bread I've traveled to some of the best foodie destinations in the world--Paris, Florence, San Francisco, Thailand, Barcelona and Charleston, to name a few. But for many years, Africa flew under my radar. Before I go on about my tasty African favorites, let me confess--I’m a bit obsessed with food. While other travelers are considering safety and things to do before booking a trip, I’m researching Read more »

Six Winter Escapes for all Travelistas

BrazilSalvadorBahia3 As a globetrotting Travelista, I make it my mission to escape the cold winters of New York City to retreat to warm sunny places with sexy beaches, exciting culture, delectable cuisine, and global fashion.  There are a few places that I highly recommend for my fellow travelistas that will awaken your sense of adventure, expand your palate, give you a summer glow, and decorate your passport with more Read more »

Spring Travel to Mauritius

La Pirogue If you're like us and you're fed up with the harsh Northeast temperatures, you've started looking for hope from the Spring season. What better way to welcome you to a new beginning than sun, water, and luxury. Welcome to the Indian Ocean. Lying beautifully off the southeastern coast of Africa is a little slice of paradise called Mauritius. An island of beautiful contrasts and colors, Mauritius Read more »