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{Now Watching}: The Getaway

the-getaway-show-page-cover-generic Inspiration often finds me in the “everydayness” of living.  And when it comes to travel inspiration, my own sense of adventure, curiosity and thirst for exploring the great, big world out there have always amply led the way. Even still, there are times when fresh streaks of excitement and inspiration come flashing in, and that’s exactly what happened a while back when I stumbled upon the Read more »

Postcard from Puerto Vallarta: Cuisine, Adventure and Paradise

IMG_3219 From the first moments of my arrival in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico--blanketed with the warm and balmy weather that served as the perfect haven from the wind and cold storm I had barely escaped back home--until my departure several days later, I was enthralled in a state of perpetual discovery and delight that cemented this tropical paradise as a destination that is brimming with life, luxury, adventure, Read more »

Las Vegas {In 3 Bites}

set image There's a saying that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  And while I might agree to play along in most instances, when it comes to sharing three haute spots for creative, delectable and indulgent cuisine, I must opt out.  It's widely known that Vegas offers up some of the best dining around, and with so much variety, and a myriad of choices, I want to steer you to three favorites on the Vegas Read more »

Postcard from Savannah: A Southern Indulgence

savannah river street (Article repost from  For all of my love for cross-country and global travel, I have discovered just as many treasures close to home.  And the coastal town of Savannah, Georgia is one such treasure.  Steeped in Southern flair that includes decadent cuisine, the charm-laden River Street, the waters of Tybee Island, and much more, Savannah is a slice of Southern culture Read more »

Travel Etiquette 101: 3 Tips for Making Every Journey A Success

Travel etiquette More than a list of do’s and don’ts, etiquette, at the core, is about consideration, courtesy and respect.  And while you may not be able to master the varying customs and norms of every culture, the universally guiding principles of good manners (also known as the golden rule) will carry you far and leave you in good (social) graces. So wherever your travels take you next, remember to bring Read more »

The Hotel Concierge: A Savvy Travelista’s Best Ally

Man wearing white gloves, ringing desk top bell (mid section) The hotel concierge.  Outdated?  Non-essential?  Think again.  A good hotel concierge is worth his or her weight in gold…and can become a Travelista’s best ally for making the most out of what your destination has to offer. After check-in and settling into my digs, the concierge desk is typically one of my first stops for embarking on my travel adventures.  Not recommended to displace Read more »

Seriously Seeking Good Eats: NYC Edition

NYC Resto Week My love affair with New York City cannot be overstated.  As often as I can, but definitely no less than once a year, I make the trek to take in the sights, sounds, people, energy--and tastes--of this world renowned food and travel destination.  During each visit, I endeavor to satisfy my unquenchable thirst for the seemingly limitless options for exploring cuisine, culture, entertainment, fashion Read more »

Tastes of Paris: A Cookbook Curated Experience

Mussels in White Wine Cookbooks are great for cooking, obviously.  And my ever-growing library is a testament to the joy, inspiration and knowledge I continue to discover within their pages.  Some of my greatest discoveries, however, have gone beyond the recipes into the often overlooked "back of the book" where jewels crouched as resource guides are found.  And it was one such jewel that served up the better part of Read more »


Dawn Richards Dawn is a passionate foodie, world traveler, fashion enthusiast, minister and lifestyle aficionado who enjoys sharing her passions and inspiring others to pursue their own.  As an award-winning home chef and founder of the food brand, D.M.R. Fine Foods, Dawn dishes on her foodie and lifestyle inspirations on her associated blog at and provides food for the soul through Read more »