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Fun around Europe

Kayla holding a hawk in Hungary           Here I am enjoying some of the sights and sounds of Europe! The Royal Castle, or as some call it, Buda Castle, it was completed in 1265 and was the previous home of many Hungarian kings. My first time every holding a hawk! After a long walk up to the Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary, this brown hawk was awaiting to be held and posed with. Read more »

Italian Moments

Altesino Winery - Montalcino - Tuscany, Italy Just a couple of random and memorable photos from my time spent in bell'Italia!   I expected to return to Piazza Michelangelo in Florence; but surprisingly, the rose gardens below the Piazza were open! Three months later and I still venture to new parts of this beautiful city. Ever wish you were in a fairytale? My wish came true by visiting this enchanting city with no cars nor roads, Read more »

Eating Gelato

Gelato in San Gimignano, Italy

I am having an amazing time in Italy.

Here I am enjoying a delicious triage of salted caramel, nutella and almond ricotta gelato in a waffle cone from the amazing Gelateria Dondoli in San Gimignano, Italy. Best 4 € ever spent.






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Milan Fashion Week S/S 2014

NUDE show2 Milan Fashion Week takes place twice a year in the high fashion capital of Milan, Italy. This September the streets were packed with stylish women and men, all basking in the energy of non-stop events and runway shows. Although Italy, like other countries around the world, has suffered because of the financial crisis, this edition of Milan Fashion Week strives to prove to the world that Italy is making Read more »

5 Destinations for First Time Solo Travelers

costarica copy Nature Lover, Shopaholic, History Aficionado, Foodie or Spa Girl, which one are you? From eating your way around Singapore to exploring the beautiful cactus filled landscapes around Arizona, choosing a destination with activities to keep you busy, is easy to navigate and safe for travelers is the key to making the best decision for your first trip solo. Traveling solo can be an incredibly empowering Read more »

Copenhagen: World’s Most Livable City?

Copenhagen According to Monocle Magazine, Copenhagen is the most liveable city in the world 2013. “World-conquering urban quality of life requires the trickiest of balancing acts between progress and preservation, stimulation and security, global and local. Perfection is unobtainable but Copenhagen is striking one of the best deals right now." I surely became fascinated with this cosmopolitan city on my Read more »

Tastes of Paris: A Cookbook Curated Experience

Mussels in White Wine Cookbooks are great for cooking, obviously.  And my ever-growing library is a testament to the joy, inspiration and knowledge I continue to discover within their pages.  Some of my greatest discoveries, however, have gone beyond the recipes into the often overlooked "back of the book" where jewels crouched as resource guides are found.  And it was one such jewel that served up the better part of Read more »

Travel Reflection: Hostelle Amsterdam Review

hostelle amsterdam2 By Nicole Brewer You read the name right. That’s “Hostelle“, which upon reading their review over a year ago I decided that last summer I’d have to stay at this adorable hostel located in the Biljmer area or better known as the Black Amsterdam region.  Hostelle is a woman only hostel that was started by the first Black woman to own a residence of its kind in the area.  It is the first Read more »

Got Shopping?

Got shopping In this day and age, you do not have to even leave your house to shop for anything anymore. But there are a few of us that enjoy the craziness and chaos of going shopping. It gives people like me a purpose when I travel. Yes, I said a purpose.  Shopping is a must, not an option. So if you are a shopper like me, look over these recommendations on the best shopping destinations in the world. Am I telling Read more »

Living Like a Local in Paris

cityofparis6 Why do people glamorize "living like a local" in Paris, but never in Africa, Australia or even Hawaii? Well, I don't know about you but I blame the last scenes of “Sex in the City” and my fellow Americans for painting vivid images in my head of secret passageways, elegant buildings, trend setting fashion, and couples holding hands while strolling down charming cobblestone streets that got my Read more »