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Impetus to Travel

TheWineBarPanamaCity Whatever you want to classify “it” as,  I have most definitively got “it”- the thing known as  “the travel bug”, “wanderlust”,“itchy feet”, “peripatetic-‘itis’”.  I would undoubtedly be considered a late bloomer when it comes to “destination traveling”, having only flown on my first plane at the liberated age of 21 to Tucson, Arizona-one of my favorite haunts in the Read more »


Gina headshot Gina is an artist and traveler. She is a painter who has exhibited her works in galleries across the Northeast and New England. She is a foodie,  educator, and writer, who has always been passionate about connecting with people of diverse backgrounds. As a lover of music and art forms, Gina views traveling as a panacea for her need to "take risks". She has traveled to 29 countries and counting and Read more »