Confessions of a Foodaholic in South Africa

Kandia making Eish Masri or Egyptian pita bread

I’ve traveled to some of the best foodie destinations in the world–Paris, Florence, San Francisco, Thailand, Barcelona and Charleston, to name a few. But for many years, Africa flew under my radar.

Before I go on about my tasty African favorites, let me confess–I’m a bit obsessed with food. While other travelers are considering safety and things to do before booking a trip, I’m researching a country’s most priceless possession–the food. No I’m not bored, guilty, angry, or whatever other emotion you may want to label my fixation with food. For me, delicious food is a perfect welcome and hearty good-bye to some of my most memorable destinations.  The more that I travel, I realize how much more I need to expand my palate for flavors found from coast to coast. So, during my last two trips to “the motherland,” I got the chance to indulge in some of the most popular food in the region. From ostrich burgers (give me ostrich meat over beef any day) to a soothing cup of rooibus tea, I just can’t get say enough about how the cuisine of Africa has contributed to my love for this beautiful country! Check out some of my favorites:

Eish Masri: I love the taste of  this freshly baked Egyptian type pita bread. The outside has a crispy corn meal type textures  that taste great alone or coupled with Koshary (another Egyptian favorite)

Malva Pudding: Traditional South African decadent dessert. Taste like sweet pudding.

Rooibus Tea latte: A creamy cup of goodness, filled with rich anti-oxidants. Wanna taste?! Visit your local Nordstrom’s Cafe (my favorite), Teavana  or Starbucks.

Crocodile Kebabs: Tender white meat typically served with a peanut satay.

Ostrich Burger: Similar in texture to beef but taste more like lamb.

Kingklip fish: A South African favorite, flaky textured fish with a mild to sweet flavor

Ostrich Roti--Okay, I just can’t get enough of ostrich meat and it’s  less fat than beef, and lower in fat and cholesterol.

Oh wait a second, I’ve only covered a part of South Africa and just the tip of North Africa. SMH, stay tuned. I guess I’ll have to plan a third visit around this huge delicious landscape.

 -Kandia Johnson is a globetrotter, foodie, and fashion enthusiast obsessed with stalking the globe one city at a time. She blogs about her “love” of all things that inspire her at

Kandia Johnson

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  1. Andrea Adams says:

    I love your enthusiasm and adventurous side for food!!You are so daring. Those prawns look soooo good!! I don’t know about the crocodile kebabs though..

  2. Kandia Johnson says:

    Thank You! enthusiasm for food is a double edged sword—love to eat, but hate the pounds!

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