Congratulations, you’re on your way to live abroad!


You’ve worked hard and secured that internship or job abroad. You will be leaving for 6 months, great! Before you leave to embark on your new journey, there are some things that must be taken care of to ensure your time away will go smoothly.

1) What about my monthly bills?

Unfortunately, just because you are leaving for 6 months your bills won’t stop coming in the mail. It is very important that you call your credit card companies, student loan providers, and leasing office( if you are not subleasing your place) and set up a monthly payment plan to ensure that your payments can be deducted once a month from your checking account.

2) Where do I keep my car for 6 months (or 2,3,4,5 months)?

Having a vehicle sit idle for 6 months without being cranked up and driven can end up damaging your car. If possible, leave a spare key (keep a copy for yourself) and leave it with a TRUSTED friend or family member that will agree to drive the car up and down the street once a week. I would also recommend keeping your car insurance up to date in case of incidentals ( car stolen, car damaged, etc.). If you don’t have a trusted person, then you may want to look into storage units that hold vehicles. It may run you about $125 a month, but your car will be in a safe place.

3) What do I do with my cell phone?

My cell phone provider, T-Mobile, has a option for those who leave the country for an extended amount of time to pay 10 dollars per month to keep your phone number active, but turns the actual service off. I recommend calling your carrier and see what options they have.

4) How will I keep in touch with my friends/family in the States?

Before you head out on your adventure, be sure to set up a Sykpe account to be able to see and talk to your loved ones. You may also want to set up instant messaging on your email accounts. Also, once you arrive in your new country there should be a option to purchase a cell phone and you can purchase calling card to call your family and friends in the States.

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