Globe-trot experience in Abu Dhabi

At the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque.


A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure to trot the globe from Oman to Abu Dhabi for an extended weekend trip, courtesy of HM Sultanate Qaboos.  The weekends here in Oman were mandated from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday…thus giving us happy government employees of Oman a free 3 day weekend the first weekend in May due to this change.  Oman and Saudi were the last two countries to follow this weekend scheme throughout the GCC.  This will now entail the opportunity from those nearby to trot to Oman more easily since we’ll now have the same weekend schedule.

The main reason I decided to trek to A.D was in order to get my hair done. Sadly enough, there are not many, rather Any places in Muscat, Oman that I could find that would do braids. Since it’s in the upwards of 100+F this and next month, I felt braids would be my best bet to withstand this heat.  I found an awesome salon via the Brothas and Sistas of Abu Dhabi FB group.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a lovely guest room to crash at through a friend of our iluv2globetrot Facebook group that’s a fellow travel blogger as well. She stays in an adorable complex just outside of the city, merely 10 minutes away from the airport.  I’m So grateful that their are gracious people out there, that don’t want anything in return but to help a friend :-) .  Cate’s apartment had the Most comfy guest bed I’ve slept in lol.

During my short visit, I managed to link up with a fellow globe-trotter that ironically lives in Oman that I had never met. She was on holiday for the long weekend as well and we linked up for a lovely and delicious meal of chicken fajitas at the Mexican restaurant Amerigos in the Park Inn hotel on Yas island. We enjoyed the food and drinks, just in time to have a pre Cinco de Mayo celebration ;-)Yas island is home to a huge race track which featured drag racing which we checked out. In addition to sporty cameros, even locals were able to test out their souped up engines on the race course!  Yas is great for a family day out with the kiddies as well. They have Ferrari World which includes themed rides as well as a water park.  The island is also home to the uber posh luxury hotels such as the Viceroy and the Crown Plaza.

I ended out my weekend going to the grandest of the Grand Mosque thus far in the Middle East, the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi.  The Grand Mosque in Oman is ultra gorgeous as well, but I’m glad I trotted to Abu Dhabi to view this masterful architectural piece of excellence!  I had just enough time before my evening flight to delight at the massive pillars and chandeliers here and then have a little down time at the Abu Dhabi mall. It was a great globe trot experience, Inshallah I’ll be back for more in the future!

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