Got Shopping?

Got shopping

In this day and age, you do not have to even leave your house to shop for anything anymore. But there are a few of us that enjoy the craziness and chaos of going shopping. It gives people like me a purpose when I travel. Yes, I said a purpose.  Shopping is a must, not an option. So if you are a shopper like me, look over these recommendations on the best shopping destinations in the world. Am I telling you to choose your destination based on its shopping potential??  Ummm…absolutely! Why not?

Madrid, Spain

This city is a shopper’s dream. I don’t think that people realize how much shopping that this city has to offer. This city manufactures the most shoes than any other city in the world. Ummm…yes! Ready to shop, yet? It also has a variety of shopping venues that produces some of the most unique clothing, souvenirs, house wares, and shoes you will find in the world.  Get those credit cards out and ready!

Shopping Recommendation:  Casa Seseña

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Do you like glitz and glam? If you do, then shopping in Dubai is definitely for you. Dubai is known for its gold and glamour. The things that you will see in Dubai are things you will never come across in any other country. Dubai also houses The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. Oh yea, and the first Bloomingdale’s outside the United States is in that mall!  Are you just as excited as I am?? (Well, at least pretend with me.)  The Dubai Mall has a shopping festival held in January and February every year. So what are you waiting on, plan your trip to Dubai today!

Shopping Recommendation: Dubai Mall

Tokyo, Japan

After visiting Tokyo, you may need to go into therapy for Shopaholics. This place is a fashion Mecca. The department stores in Tokyo are beyond words. Have you seen  5 and 6 story department stores? These are the things that you will encounter in Tokyo. It seems to be endless fashion. Literally endless. You can literally shop to you drop. If you are a serious shopper and a fashion guru, Tokyo is the place for you.

Shopping Recommendation: Isetan

Shopping is a good enough reason to travel. If you love shopping, get to packing! Where are your favorite places to shop around the world? I look forward to reading your experiences.


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