Lets Chat…Beyonce & Jay-Z Vacation in Cuba, Should We Care?!


Jay-Z & Beyoncé jetted off to Cuba to celebrate their five-year anniversary and many Cuban-American activist are pissed! Cuba is recognized as a communist country known for corruption and violence under Fidel Castro’s regime, including torturing and murdering political prisoners and innocent families. Unfortunately like many other countries, human rights conditions in Cuba remain poor and fundamental freedoms that “we” often take for granted like freedom of expression, are still forbidden.


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[/caption]Ironically, in recent years Cuba has been recognized as an amazing and safe vacation spot–Varadero is known as a top beautiful beach destination. Havana is a beautiful historical city trapped in time. And, if you don’t already know, you should, Cuba is known for some of the world’s best-known flavors. “Mojo” a popular marinade, made with olive oil, onion, garlic, spices and lemon juice, Ropa vieja (stew beef) lechon asado (roast pork), and café cubano (cuban coffee). A trip across the territorial waters of Cuba is definitely worth a stamp in my passport.

Cuba street
Cuba street (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Anywho, the people of Cuba appear to be overjoyed about Jayonce’s visit.  I’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Cuba offered through Discovery Tours. Do your research, before you pass judgement, general licenses are available for certain categories of travel.

I’ll admit, I’m a die-hard Jay and Bey fan, but I can be fair. They can travel wherever the heck they choose! The #1 travel rule for anyone: Be aware. Be sensitive and go get your travel on!

What are your thoughts? Should we hold celebrities accountable for human rights in other countries?

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2 Responses to Lets Chat…Beyonce & Jay-Z Vacation in Cuba, Should We Care?!

  1. Tanya Harry says:

    Good for them! It’s just appalling that this is being made into such a huge deal. Every country has its weaknesses. As we know, the US government has long terrorized its own people!

    I traveled there a few days before Christmas (ten years ago) and stayed on the Malecón with some musician friends. It was an unforgettable experience. I hope you get there soon :)

  2. Kandia Johnson says:

    I feel ya :-) Love the energy Tanya! Thanks for the confirmation. Everyone that I know that has traveled to Cuba have nothing but good things to say. I’m still really confused at all of this media/political attention–people have been vacationing in Cuba now for some time.

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