Lights, Camera, Broadway!


Broadway Musicals! All the lights, the glitzy costumes, the crowds of people make for such an exciting time. This past weekend I headed to NYC to see the brand new Broadway Musical ‘After Midnight’ starring American Idol winner Fantasia and famous actor Dule Hill at the Brooks Atkinson Theater in the center of New York City.

Sitting in the second row from the stage, I was proud of the excellent seats I was able to obtain by booking my tickets almost two months in advance. The sold out show started promptly at 8 pm. ‘After Midnight’, a song-and-dance revue recalling the glory days of Harlem nightclubs, was full of talented dancers, singers, and musicians. Although at the age of 27, I wasn’t around during that era of The Cotton Club, I easily felt as if I were back in that time partying my Saturday nights away at the infamous club.

Along with the talented dancers and singers, the staged featured 17 handpicked musicians who brought the house down with their incredible jazz skills. Although ‘After Midnight’ didn’t have a story line, you don’t really notice because there is so much talent in front of you doing everything from reciting Langston Hughes poetry to cast members making soulful wisecrack jokes during the show.

One of the main reasons I chose to see this production is due to Fantasia being cast in the production. She appeared on stage for 4 solos and 1 duet and her vocals simply brought the house down each and every time. Every time I see Fantasia performing, whether at a concert or in Broadway, her amazing voice shocks me every time. If you are in the NYC area, or simply want to take part in an amazing 90 minute experience, I highly recommend you make your way to see this amazing presentation.

Broadway Show Tips:
1) Purchase tickets at least one month in advance to make sure you get good seats
2) Usually the second or third row on the right side of the stage are the best seats
3) Hang around the side entrance of the building immediately after the show is over. The stars usually stop and take pictures and sign autographs for their fans.


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