NYC Day Parties: ebb + flow’s Sunset Debauchery

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Day party season is here!  I’ve moved from San Diego to New York City and the sheer variety of day parties is breathtaking. To the secret parties on rooftops, raves on terraces, musical boat cruises, sexy pool parties and free concerts in the park; I’m giddy with the possibilities!

 I’ve gone to many day parties but oddly enough never a boat party.  I think I was afraid of being sick or trapped on boat with music or crowd I didn’t care for.  I guess you could say I was boat party virgin.   Luckily, I had a great first experience: ebb + flow’s Sunset Debauchery. 


ebb + flow is a New York City music collective dedicated to producing events that showcase their love of dance music as well as provide place of self-expression and community.  The group has club nights and day parties in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Sunset Debauchery was the their first boat party of the year.  And it wasn’t  just a booze cruise, their mission “to bring together people of all kinds for music that is innovative, intelligent, sexy, groovy and fun.”

Sunset Debauchery Flyer

The day of debauchery arrived; and the rain poured and the wind howled.  A thunderstorm threatened to put a damper on our Sunday Funday.

Rain on window editted

But after I boarded, I realized a little rain wasn’t going to keep this crowd down.  They had been anticipating this boat ride for too long.

Ship Ahoy!

Ship Ahoy!

As we set sail some of more the intrepid danced in the rain. I was less so, and piled into the indoor cabin where ebb + flow resident Iman Rizky got the party started with his style of melodic house.

Me dancing

Sooo cool with ebb + flow

Sooo cool with ebb + flow

Soon though the debauchery couldn’t be contained, revelers began to spill onto the outside deck and danced rain or shine.  The beats flowed from the interior and provided a perfect soundtrack to our evening with the best city in the world in the background.   We cruised for about 3 hours passing landmarks like:  the Washington Bridge and Freedom Tower, Lady Liberty and Ellis Island, to name a few.

Rain or Shine we dance!

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If residents got the party started the featured artists shined.  Justin Marchacos performed a live set hit that the right notes, dare I say it  ebbed and flowed .  He took us on a musical journey and by the end he had the crowd in his hands.

ebb + flow's : Gavin Stephenson and Justin Marchacos

ebb + flow’s : Gavin Stephenson and Justin Marchacos


Thank God for house!

Thank goodness for house!

As night fell,  Butane took to the decks and the music got a little heavier. He started out with a techno set  but not content to stay in one genre he went back and forth seamlessly blending the harder techno with deeper house.



She approves of Butane

All hail Butane!

Sunset Debauchery ended and my fears were unfounded.  I didn’t get sick, and far from feeling trapped on boat, I felt like the tour ended early.  From the residents to the featured artists, the music never slowed and  I danced from beginning of the cruise until we finally docked.

ebb + flow’s got the ingredients for a great party: good prices, better music and the best people.  First tier tickets to went for about 20 bucks.  The group definitely knows how to have a good time but the vibe wasn’t that of raucous party.   It’s more like a gathering a friends,  coming together to enjoy dance music and culture.

ebb + flow's artists and friends

ebb + flow’s artists and friends

If you want to know more about ebb + flow and their events  you can find them on Facebook.

All photos Courtesy of Daniel Montuoro and SL Photography

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