Oh wait, do I need a travel agent or travel app?

Travel Apps

Chances are you’re looking forward to that much-needed summer vacation. You have a million activities in mind. Then you’re faced with the all too familiar question…Do I need a travel agent for that?! Well, from booking a flight, planning a wine or culinary tour, a private car service, or even arranging a dinner on an iceberg, there are travel apps or a digital travel concierge for just about anything.

Meet my favorite sites and apps for all of your travel needs-before, during and even after your trip.

Before you go

Visit Trip Advisor to research and plan your perfect getaway. Do you need travel ideas and inspiration?  Trip Advisor’s Travel inspiration page, provides destination recommendations and access to off-line city guides, itineraries, and a host of traveler forums, all based upon your personal travel preferences.

Check out Kayak to search for the best available flight options. This app is like an old faithful friend, year after year our relationship just keeps getting better. It searches countless external sites for the best price information, including checking airline websites and other online reservation sites.

Kayak Explore Option

Do you have a limited budget? Can’t figure out where and when you want to take that trip? Check out Kayak’s Explore option which recommends a variety of trips, estimated pricing for hotels and airfare and when the trips are cheapest.

Use your favorite social media sites to look for discounts. Like the Facebook page of an amusement park, hotel or travel and tourism bureau and you just might land that special discount! Or 24 hours before you go tweet the location your interested in and you may be granted free breakfast, internet access, or some other memorable travel treat.


Take a Peek at this one stop shop for travel. With one click, book amazing activities including, culinary walking tours, rock climbing, scuba diving and more. Short on time?  This super cool site is perfect for finding amazing activities in the East, West and Hawaii.

Looking to do something totally outrageous, dinner for two on an iceberg, circus performance? It will cost you , but check out Quintessentially, luxury lifestyle and management & Concierge service.

Organize your travel plans with Trip itThis app acts as your virtual personal assistant taking all of your travel plans and organizing them into one convenient itinerary.The days of searching through dozens of travel confirmations emails in my inbox are over! I also love that the service is able to sync my plans with my phone’s calendar.

During Your Trip

You’ve reserved the flight, or hotel, now what? Whether you’re heading out on a  summer road trip or jetting off  to an international destination, you’ll want to make the best of your experience!

uber cover

Download Uber, your on-demand private driver,  available in the US, Australia, Asia, and  Europe. I’ve used this prompt, reliable and safe service-with good rates in San Francisco and NYC. I love being able to use my phone’s map to know exactly when the driver will arrive and not having to hassle with payments. All charges including tips are pre-paid to your credit card.

Access 9 different languages on the go with the Talking Phrase App.  There’s no need for an internet connection, one simple tap and you hear the phrase spoken out loud to assist you in sightseeing and socializing in a foreign country.

Get Hop Stop, a public transportation app that includes directions for the subway, bus, train, taxi, walking & biking  in 100′s of cities throughout the US, Canada & Europe. HopStop even provides wheelchair/stroller accessible routes!

Stay up to date, while on the go with the XE world currency converter app. 

While driving down the highway I hate thinking a rest stop is right off the highway only to find it’s 5 miles down the road. IExit to the rescue!  Yelp is another old-time friend, well-known for reviews of just about everything, if you need to know where the closest restaurant, museum or restroom is download Yelp now!

After Your Trip

Enhance the look of your favorite travel photos using InstagramThen tag your location to your pictures using the Geotag option. Next, connect to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, & Foursquare. Finally, store your files using Dropbox(I actually do this during and after vacation) it’s the perfect back up to storing your files.

Do you prefer a travel agent or travel app? What are some of your favorite travel apps?

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