San Diego Day Parties: Souleil Opening Party 2014

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Day parties just happen to be one of the best inventions ever! They’ve been around for a while, but day parties and clubs have really taken off in the past few years. Instead of being hotbox of a nightclub, you can enjoy the sun, and actually get a good look at the person you’re talking; all while dancing your butt off and getting home at a decent time so your face doesn’t betray the day you had before.    It’s kind of a no-brainer.   Besides, who doesn’t like an afternoon delight?

I live in the perfect place for day parties, San Diego. In our sunny border town Sunday Funday is a way of life.   We have an endless summer so the weather is always perfect for an outdoor affair. Global brands like Hard Rock Hotel offer the Vegas-type pool party experience while local promoters ditch the glitz but make up for with sophisticated musical style and a spirit of community.  I usually opt to go with the smaller local promoters, as their parties offer a truly unique experience.  With the locals you’ll get an eclectic clientele, great underground music and some parties are free.

Souleil -Blog shot

We’ll start off at the opening of Souleil, one of my favorite parties.  It’s in a quaint area called University Heights nestled between the LGBTQ friendly Hillcrest and diverse hipster haven of North Park. Souleil offers house music with dash of disco and soul for good measure and its clientele reflects the rich diversity of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Take a peek at the video below to see what makes Souleil so special!


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