Spring Travel to Mauritius

La Pirogue

If you’re like us and you’re fed up with the harsh Northeast temperatures, you’ve started looking for hope from the Spring season. What better way to welcome you to a new beginning than sun, water, and luxury. Welcome to the Indian Ocean.

Lying beautifully off the southeastern coast of Africa is a little slice of paradise called Mauritius. An island of beautiful contrasts and colors, Mauritius remains a go-to spot for European jet-setters and worldwide honeymooners. With a warm climate year-round (70 degrees in winter to 88 degrees in summer), it’s easy to see why this melting pot of Hindus, Chinese, Muslims, European, African, and Creole culture is called a world-in-one island slice of paradise.

The island boasts a varied landscape, cultural diversity, historical venues, and endless water activities. From coral reefs, to snorkeling, to windsurfing, paradise awaits you. Experience the best in service at luxury hotels, which await you with white glove treatment. One of our favorite hotels is La Pirogue, located on the western coast. Travel to Mauritius is better suited to March, so book your tickets now.


La Pirogue - Wolmar, Flic en Flac, Mauritius

Tel : +230 403 39 00 / Fax : +230 403 38 00

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