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7 Signs You’re the Obnoxious American Tourist

Venice lagoon resized The Scene. Surrounded by ferry boats and private water taxis, a middle-aged woman (we'll refer to her as OW= obnoxious-woman) stood dazed and confused on the docks of Marco Polo Airport, in Venice Italy. As "OW" proceeded to drag her rolling suitcases down the walkway she approached a boat operator." I need someone to tell me which boat will take me to Hotel X?" she says. The boat operator, appearing Read more »

5 Destinations for First Time Solo Travelers

costarica copy Nature Lover, Shopaholic, History Aficionado, Foodie or Spa Girl, which one are you? From eating your way around Singapore to exploring the beautiful cactus filled landscapes around Arizona, choosing a destination with activities to keep you busy, is easy to navigate and safe for travelers is the key to making the best decision for your first trip solo. Traveling solo can be an incredibly empowering Read more »

Travel Savvy: Fall Travel Must Haves

fall final I hate to be the one to tell you this. But it's about time to swap your summer travel must haves for fall season's latest globetrotting gear. Farewell knee-high gladiator sandals, neon colored maxi dresses, straw fedora hats and beach cover ups. Let's give some serious thought to travel accessories that prepare you for cooler temperatures. From chic and comfy ballet flats perfect for sightseeing Read more »

4 Reasons Why Beyonce’s New Pixie Haircut is Perfect for Travel

Beyonce new Pixie Haircut We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to talk about Beyoncé's new short, sassy and fierce pixie haircut. Travelistas take note. The perfect hair style solution during travel is versatile and easy to manage.   Not only does Bey's hairstyle make the cut, but it has many other advantages for the girl on the go. Short hairstyles are super easy to style and maintain during travel. Read more »

Village Hopping Around Lake Atitlan,Guatemala

Guatemala3 After a 3-hour bumpy drive up hills and along narrow winding roads from Antigua, then a 30-minute boat ride from Panajachel across choppy wavy waters, I found myself surrounded by stunning volcanic lake views and gorgeous green mountains. Ahh breath in, breath out...this adventurous trek was all worth it. There are many villages around Lake Atitlan, but the true beauty of this lake lies in the Read more »

Volcanoes, Hot Tamales & Sunshine..Oh My! Antigua, Guatemala

Volcanoes I'm not gonna lie--Antigua, Guatemala was full of surprises. I'm not crazy about nature but was pretty geeked at the sight of smoke oozing from  Volcán de Fuego. I wasn't a huge fan of tamales, but I cooked 8 steamed banana leaf hot tamales filled with pork and ate about 2.  I packed ponchos & rain boots to prepare for rainy season, then danced and sang my heart out during infrequent, short, Read more »

Living Like a Local in Paris

cityofparis6 Why do people glamorize "living like a local" in Paris, but never in Africa, Australia or even Hawaii? Well, I don't know about you but I blame the last scenes of “Sex in the City” and my fellow Americans for painting vivid images in my head of secret passageways, elegant buildings, trend setting fashion, and couples holding hands while strolling down charming cobblestone streets that got my Read more »

Should I Date While Traveling Solo?!

Couple on Vacation I could go on and on telling you many reasons why you should date while traveling solo. It’s an incredibly romantic way to explore the city, a chance at meeting “the one,” try something new, blah, blah, blah. But each experience is unique. Ultimately, the decision starts with instinct. You know that mysterious gut feeling, sixth sense, subtle clue--whatever the hell want to call it, trust and Read more »

Travel Savvy Thursday: Stylish Sightseeing Bags

Travel Savvy Sightseeing bags Whether I'm traveling locally around town or far off to some exotic destination, a stylish but functional sightseeing bag is a must. Non-functioning, heavy weight bags will kill your back and distract you from having the experience of a lifetime. Invest in a bag that's small enough and light enough to carry easily all day. My ideal bag is small to medium-sized, has multi-compartments, perfect for Read more »

Paris in the Spring

5605071049_654421a993 Any time of year I can find things to love about every corner in Paris. But Spring in Paris calls for delightful discoveries of hidden courtyards, blossoming gardens, city fairs and even the architecture comes alive. Sure the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and  Louvre Museum are a must see, but with longer days and warmer temperatures among the beautiful cobblestone streets of Paris you can take Read more »