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A Travelista’s Guide to Double-Duty Beauty Products

Kandia's beauty products I fly several times a month.  After several failed attempts at sneaking 5 or more bottles of toiletries into a tiny zip lock bag to meet those annoying 311 TSA requirements, I’ve got my small number of beauty products that make the biggest impact down to a science.  From tinted moisturizers to all-in-one color sticks that work on lips, cheeks, and eyes, double duty means one less item in my makeup Read more »

Confessions of a Foodaholic in South Africa

Kandia making Eish Masri or Egyptian pita bread I've traveled to some of the best foodie destinations in the world--Paris, Florence, San Francisco, Thailand, Barcelona and Charleston, to name a few. But for many years, Africa flew under my radar. Before I go on about my tasty African favorites, let me confess--I’m a bit obsessed with food. While other travelers are considering safety and things to do before booking a trip, I’m researching Read more »


Kandia Johnson

Kandia is a globetrotter, foodie, and fashion enthusiast, obsessed with stalking the globe one city at a time. She blogs about her “love” of all things that inspire her at www.ladybugsinwonderland.com