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No Shrinking Violets Here: The Spectacular Flower Parade of Medellín

joys-dancers-491x400 During the time I lived and worked in Medellín, Colombia, the flower festival (La Feria De Las Flores) was an event I marked on my calendar and circled numerous times. There was so much to look forward to: taking in all the varieties of beautiful orchids at the Jardín Botánico, strolling in San Alejo Market munching on slices of salted green mango dripping with fresh lime juice, staring in awe at Read more »

City Guide: Medellín

Medelin city photo Medellín Rising Medellín is exploding---however, not in the way most westerners might think. Gone are the days of senseless violence, drug cartels, assassinations, and right-wing paramilitary takeovers that marked the last part of the 20th century. This northwestern metropolis in Colombia is now synonymous with technology advancement, productivity, ingenuity, and community building. The turnaround Read more »