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Travel Reflection: Hostelle Amsterdam Review

hostelle amsterdam2 By Nicole Brewer You read the name right. That’s “Hostelle“, which upon reading their review over a year ago I decided that last summer I’d have to stay at this adorable hostel located in the Biljmer area or better known as the Black Amsterdam region.  Hostelle is a woman only hostel that was started by the first Black woman to own a residence of its kind in the area.  It is the first Read more »

Globe-trot experience in Abu Dhabi

At the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque.   A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure to trot the globe from Oman to Abu Dhabi for an extended weekend trip, courtesy of HM Sultanate Qaboos.  The weekends here in Oman were mandated from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday...thus giving us happy government employees of Oman a free 3 day weekend the first weekend in May due to this change.  Oman and Saudi were the last two Read more »

Restaurant review: Carnivore Nairobi Kenya

Servers at Carnivore in Kenya.   Do you crave the abundant aroma of beef, chicken, ostrich and more? If you’re a meat eater then Carnivore restaurant is for you.  They also have a desirable array of choices for the none meat eater but with a name like Carnivore you Have to know what the main line up will entail.  I personally haven’t ate red meat in over 6 years. Nonetheless, with it being one of the top 50 restaurants Read more »

Omani living, the true test of Expat life

Student art work of Omani Sultanate.   I’ve been inundated with inquiries about living in Oman as of late with plenty of people uber excited at the prospect of coming here to teach abroad.  While I sat upon my rooftop I felt inclined to write this piece while I pondered this life of living abroad the past few months in the Middle East. I must say that I feel like I’ve handled the culture shock of leaving Busan, South Korea Read more »