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If You Haven’t Been to India, Then You Have to “Goa”!

The notion of an unpeopled beach paradise coupled with effusive, friendly locals, and prices that are gentle on the pocket makes Goa, India a logical choice for those seeking sun and sand in the Asian subcontinent. Goa is located on the southwestern coast of India and is the country’s smallest but richest state, largely in part due to tourism. Since the 1970’s both foreign and Indian tourists Read more »

Who Knew?- Czech Out the Beer Capital of the World!!!

For anyone who knows my drinking proclivity, it has always been, champagne first, and all else follows. However, a visit to the beer drinking-est capital of the world-Prague, Czech Republic this past summer, warranted an adjustment to my usual drinking game. Although, I can’t claim to be a “cerveza-a-phile”, an aficionado of beers and ales, I have come to develop an increasing fondness for the Read more »

The French Connection in Istanbul

Having lived in Paris for two years, an obsession of mine is to seek out all things French when traveling, be it bistros, cafes, literary haunts, and/or vistas. It has been become a standard ritual of mine to sit in drinking establishments that writers frequented, to dine in restaurants where artists supped, to mull about in places that attracted the likes of the Mary Cassatt’s, Picasso’s, Oscar Read more »

Train Traveling

po Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I got a chance to go home to Jacksonville, Florida for a few days. I always enjoy going home to Florida over the holidays, because instead of dealing with the freezing cold temperatures in Baltimore, Maryland, I get to experience some warm weather for a few days. And see friends and family, of course. It was my first long train ride and here are some of my thoughts Read more »

Postcard from Savannah: A Southern Indulgence

savannah river street (Article repost from dmrfinefoods.blogspot.com)  For all of my love for cross-country and global travel, I have discovered just as many treasures close to home.  And the coastal town of Savannah, Georgia is one such treasure.  Steeped in Southern flair that includes decadent cuisine, the charm-laden River Street, the waters of Tybee Island, and much more, Savannah is a slice of Southern culture Read more »

5 Destinations for First Time Solo Travelers

costarica copy Nature Lover, Shopaholic, History Aficionado, Foodie or Spa Girl, which one are you? From eating your way around Singapore to exploring the beautiful cactus filled landscapes around Arizona, choosing a destination with activities to keep you busy, is easy to navigate and safe for travelers is the key to making the best decision for your first trip solo. Traveling solo can be an incredibly empowering Read more »

Village Hopping Around Lake Atitlan,Guatemala

Guatemala3 After a 3-hour bumpy drive up hills and along narrow winding roads from Antigua, then a 30-minute boat ride from Panajachel across choppy wavy waters, I found myself surrounded by stunning volcanic lake views and gorgeous green mountains. Ahh breath in, breath out...this adventurous trek was all worth it. There are many villages around Lake Atitlan, but the true beauty of this lake lies in the Read more »

Volcanoes, Hot Tamales & Sunshine..Oh My! Antigua, Guatemala

Volcanoes I'm not gonna lie--Antigua, Guatemala was full of surprises. I'm not crazy about nature but was pretty geeked at the sight of smoke oozing from  Volcán de Fuego. I wasn't a huge fan of tamales, but I cooked 8 steamed banana leaf hot tamales filled with pork and ate about 2.  I packed ponchos & rain boots to prepare for rainy season, then danced and sang my heart out during infrequent, short, Read more »

Got Shopping?

Got shopping In this day and age, you do not have to even leave your house to shop for anything anymore. But there are a few of us that enjoy the craziness and chaos of going shopping. It gives people like me a purpose when I travel. Yes, I said a purpose.  Shopping is a must, not an option. So if you are a shopper like me, look over these recommendations on the best shopping destinations in the world. Am I telling Read more »

Should I Date While Traveling Solo?!

Couple on Vacation I could go on and on telling you many reasons why you should date while traveling solo. It’s an incredibly romantic way to explore the city, a chance at meeting “the one,” try something new, blah, blah, blah. But each experience is unique. Ultimately, the decision starts with instinct. You know that mysterious gut feeling, sixth sense, subtle clue--whatever the hell want to call it, trust and Read more »