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Lets Chat…Beyonce & Jay-Z Vacation in Cuba, Should We Care?!

beyonce-jay-z-cuba-anniversary-650-430 Jay-Z & Beyoncé jetted off to Cuba to celebrate their five-year anniversary and many Cuban-American activist are pissed! Cuba is recognized as a communist country known for corruption and violence under Fidel Castro's regime, including torturing and murdering political prisoners and innocent families. Unfortunately like many other countries, human rights conditions in Cuba remain poor and fundamental Read more »

The Adventures (or Misadventures) of Traveling Hair

travel hair  Whether I am traveling to Madrid, Belize or Vegas, there is something that I am consumed with every time I travel. I mean EVERY. TIME. That thing is...HAIR. One thing you have to understand about me is that I loathe doing my hair, especially while on vacation. I usually leave my hair to the professionals most of the time because...hey...they are professionals!  Since I cannot yet afford to have Read more »

Confessions of a Foodaholic in South Africa

Kandia making Eish Masri or Egyptian pita bread I've traveled to some of the best foodie destinations in the world--Paris, Florence, San Francisco, Thailand, Barcelona and Charleston, to name a few. But for many years, Africa flew under my radar. Before I go on about my tasty African favorites, let me confess--I’m a bit obsessed with food. While other travelers are considering safety and things to do before booking a trip, I’m researching Read more »