The Adventures (or Misadventures) of Traveling Hair

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 Whether I am traveling to Madrid, Belize or Vegas, there is something that I am consumed with every time I travel. I mean EVERY. TIME. That thing is…HAIR. One thing you have to understand about me is that I loathe doing my hair, especially while on vacation. I usually leave my hair to the professionals most of the time because…hey…they are professionals!  Since I cannot yet afford to have a personal stylist come with me everywhere I go, and I love my hair done, it is quite a dilemma for me.  Because I have this concern, I am thinking that others must also. So I thought I would put together some suggestions on what to do with your hair while traveling:

Braid it! (or Twist It!)

I think that braiding is one of the popular hairstyles that African American females have, especially when part of their agenda will include some kind of swimming. With braiding, you do not have to worry about spending hours after doing something like swimming trying to get your hair presentable again. It holds its style and it is convenient when you are on vacation and just do not feel like messing with hair while you are gone. If you can take spending the time getting your hair braided, it is actually a good option.

  Weave it!

Having extensions in your hair is also a travel option. Many African American women do not like applying heat or doing anything to their natural hair, but may like the ease of having extensions in their hair. There are so many extension options out there including hair that is “wet and go.” Extensions are so common place these days that you can get any kind of hair you want. So if you want a different look for your travels and do not want to bother your natural hair…weave it!

Wig it!

I am convinced that wigs have been around since the beginning of time. They have become more natural looking as the years have passed. I know that many of us have seen our favorite celebrity with really great wigs on and thought if we can look just as fabulous. You can! Putting on wigs are also a travel option. Again, if you do not want to do much to your hair and still want to look great, throw on a wig! (Warning: If you are an avid swimmer, a wig might not be for you.)

Style it!  

 You can always just stick with styling your own hair. Some people just love to wear and style their hair and will do whatever it takes to keep it looking good whether traveling or at home. If that is you, go for it! Sometimes there is nothing more expressive than doing your hair like you want it. Be you!

 I have experience with all of these options on my travels. Which one do I prefer? It actually depends on where I am going and what I am doing when I am there. But I want to ask you… Which hairstyle do you utilize on your travels? This is no way an exhaustive list of styles, so let me know about you. I will look forward to reading them. Happy travels!


2 Responses to The Adventures (or Misadventures) of Traveling Hair

  1. Andrea Adams says:

    Hair is always a big topic for us female travelers! I guess we always try our best to style it. Or slick it back into a ponytail, which is easy but maybe not the most exciting style. I love being creative and experimenting.

  2. Tanya Harry says:

    I feel you on this. My problem? My hair is basically completely silver, and has been since my early 20′s! One day I’ll grow it out and rock the X-Men Storm look— but I’m not ready to do that yet! So I gotta bring hair color with me when I travel. Black mascara also works in a pinch :)

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