To Fly, Or Cruise?

To Fly, or to Cruise

One question I get asked pretty often is if it is better to fly or cruise to a certain destination. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. You see, both options have their ups and downs. If you are on a tight budget but you are looking for a getaway trip, taking a cruise may be your best bet. On the ship most food is served buffet style and is included in the price of the trip. Cruise ships also usually have an abundance of activities to keep you entertained throughout your day. Some of the cons of taking a cruise are the limited time you have off the boat in a specific place and in some cases the feeling of being trapped in one particular place with no escape until the boat docks.

If your pockets allow you to, flying to a particular destination of your choice may be a better option. If you find an all inclusive deal with room and board, as well as meals for the duration of your vacation, consider yourself lucky! Flying to your destination also gives you more time to actually explore the place you visit.

Things to Consider:
1) How much time do I have for vacation
2) How much money do I have to spend
3) Is this vacation for intimate one on one purposes or a group adventure
4) Will I be traveling in a small or large group

Cruise Pros:
1) All inclusive(with the exception of adult beverages)
2) Pre-planned activities for entertainment
3) Lots of people on board to befriend/ networking opportunities

1) You only get a few hours off the ship to enjoy your destination
2) You may get motion sickness
3) You may feel “trapped” onboard after a few days

Flying Pros:
1) You get more time to explore and enjoy the destination at your leisure
2) You spend less time actually traveling to destination
3) You can choose how to plan your own entertainment

1) Expenses may rack up quickly
2) You have to make your own activity itinerary( bad for those who don’t like to plan)
3) May feel a bit isolated during your trip (If traveling solo)



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