Train Traveling


Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I got a chance to go home to Jacksonville, Florida for a few days. I always enjoy going home to Florida over the holidays, because instead of dealing with the freezing cold temperatures in Baltimore, Maryland, I get to experience some warm weather for a few days.

And see friends and family, of course.

It was my first long train ride and here are some of my thoughts on my train ride that can possibly help you out:

1)Much like a bus ride on train tracks. Train makes several stops throughout the trip.

2)Food is very expensive. I purchased a small pizza and a coffee for $8.00

3)If your ride is longer than 5 hours, get a private room with your own bathroom and a bed.

4)Bring a blanket and a pillow to stay comfortable.

5)Amtrak, at the time of my trip, did NOT have Wi-Fi and phone signals were very scarce. I recommend bringing movies to watch on a laptop or a good book to read (Check Out Wanderlust: For The Young, Broke Professional, May 2014)

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