Travel Savvy Thursday: Stylish Sightseeing Bags

Travel Savvy Sightseeing bags

Whether I’m traveling locally around town or far off to some exotic destination, a stylish but functional sightseeing bag is a must. Non-functioning, heavy weight bags will kill your back and distract you from having the experience of a lifetime. Invest in a bag that’s small enough and light enough to carry easily all day. My ideal bag is small to medium-sized, has multi-compartments, perfect for my phone, makeup, cash, travel docs, camera (I detest those ginormous camera bags) and has added protection from pickpockets. Do ya think I’ve included too much for one bag? Well, who says you can’t take it all with you?!

Spring couldn’t be a better time to revamp your travel bag wardrobe. The cross body bag has made a fab comeback. It’s not only perfect for travel but they are super easy to convert to a shoulder bag and  some even take you from the sights to a night out on the own. If you’re like me the new season is just another reason for me to shop — for eye- popping colors and textures. Check out a couple of my favorites for the fashion and travel savvy travelista!

Travel Savvy Sightseeing bags

1.H&M $61.00 2.Target $24.99 3. Target $24.99 4. Kelly More $229.00 5.Amazon,$129.95 6. Nordstrom $98.00, 7. Target $24.99


2 Responses to Travel Savvy Thursday: Stylish Sightseeing Bags

  1. Andrea Adams says:

    Great stuff! You have to be a stylish and multi-functional traveler. My favorites include the Nordstrom bag and the two Target purses! Love that green!

  2. Tanya Harry says:

    I second the Nordstrom bag :) I’m not one to splurge on accessories, but you’re right; a good travel bag is a wise investment!

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