Vintage Shopping in Toronto, Canada

Vintage shopping

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It’s my last week working in Toronto and I am in need of some serious “ME” time.  So with 24-hours left to enjoy this eclectic city, I take a minute to woosah and get on with my retail therapy.  Lately underwhelmed with the trendy styles from large mass producing retail stores, it didn’t take me long to stumble upon the insane vintage shopping scene in Toronto, Canada.

Set the Scene…..Pre-owned and Pre-Loved Heaven

Toronto’s serves as the major hub for sorting, distributing and shipping used clothing to North America. Well known stores-Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, Abercrombie & Fitch, Levi’s and many more are long-term clients of many Toronto vintage boutiques. From the mix of high-end stores along Yonge street to the quirky and colorful streets around Kensington market, I am amazed at the number of vintage shops and quality found in the craftsmanship of 50 to 60-year-old clothing. Even with the Canadian exchange rate, items are more affordable than New York.  Aside from the fact that the clothing was free of tears and stains and prices were reasonable, items were stylishly arranged to reflect a range of eras. On two different occasions,  I walked into a boutique completely oblivious that it was a second-hand store.

I Miss You.

63 Ossington Ave, Toronto

I felt like I walked into the ultimate 1920′s to 1990′s high-end vintage wonderland. Glam clothing and accessories from YSL, Missoni, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Chanel and more, fashionably organized throughout the store. I’m personally in love (maybe even obsessed) with the 1940′s fashion era, so I was certain whatever I chose at whatever cost, it wasn’t just about buying a piece of clothing but making an investment in a fashionable collectible (history). Sure I don’t need it, but I want it, so I must have it…nuff said!

Courage My Love.

14 Kensington Ave, Toronto

My absolute favorite  for many reasons. A great selection of reasonably priced dresses from sizes 8-12. Small space packed with a large number of stylishly organized clothing, shoes and accessories. Exceptional customer service –the cherry on top.  If your into the classic cashmere, this place has lots of it.  My stylish pleasure: A classic chic black wrap dress with arms trimmed in lace and a pale green floral silk kimono that sweeps the floor making this 5’11 ladybug feel like the first African-American Geisha girl. PS. Courage My Love…I never Knew Love Like this Before :) xoxoxxo

69 Vintage.

1100 Queen St. W., Toronto

Another great find in the eclectic Queen Street West neighborhood where independent fashion designers and countless other boutiques share the spotlight. 69 Vintage-very well stocked with clothes for men and women.  A stylishly delicious  array of dresses, boots and scarves. Although, I absolutely loved their selection of cowboy boots I couldn’t find my size so I happily walked out with a size 10 pair of designer heels at $50 bucks- Shoegasm in effect! Prices ranged from $50 to a $150. Check out the 69blog here.


 273 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

After visiting quite a few small vintage boutiques, I was pleasantly surprised. You can tell someone has been very careful at selectively curating items in this spacious location. Located again, in the quirky food & fashion area of Toronto’s Kensington Market.  Although I had the feeling of the 70″s than any other fashion era, this place is worthy of a visit. Furniture, classic hats  and denim were the highlights for me.


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