Viva Mexico!

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Crystal blue water, handmade tortillas, and fun in the sun: Cabo San Lucas has so many different aspects that make for an incredibly beautiful city. I got the opportunity to visit Cabo for 4 days and 3 nights for less than $800.00. This price included a 4 star hotel, all inclusive resort (food, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages) and a round-trip flight and shuttle to and from the airport. If you ever have an opportunity to snag an all inclusive trip, take it! The money you save from not having to pay for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks allows your spending money to go a long way. Here’s what I spent my savings on; three activities you can’t leave Cabo without experiencing.

#1) Camel Riding & Outback Safari
This adventure takes you on a voyage far away from the tourist areas into the Baja peninsula. This excursion includes riding in a unique Mercedes Benz Unimog 4×4 trucks to explore a private, beach front ranch and also includes a guided nature walk where you walk and learn about the areas unique cactus and fauna. This excursion costs roughly $100 USD.

#2) Swimming with Dolphins
I have had the chance to swim with dolphins in two other countries, but in Cabo, I had the best experience. If you are a dolphin lover as I am, you will enjoy the Dolphin Encounter. The price was a bit steep (about $180 USD) but it included 45 minutes of dolphin one-on-one play time as well as an opportunity to swim with the beautiful mammals. This intimate excursion was sealed with a kiss from my dolphin, Sophie.

Deidre and Sophie the Dolphin

#3) Sunset Cruise
Imagine the sun setting over a beautiful body of water. People all over came together on a 40 foot party boat to watch the sun dim, eat homemade tortillas, and enjoy complementary adult beverages. This cruise is a perfect way to meet other tourists and enjoy a relaxing view. For only about $50 USD the next time you are in Cabo, you must experience this event. Only one word to describe it- amazing!

Cabo Cruise



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  1. Andrea Adams says:

    It looks like you had a great time, Deidre!! Camel riding, kissing dolphins! I’ve been to Cabo a couple times and I must put these on my list of things to do!!!!

  2. Kandia Johnson says:

    Deidre I see you were a hot commodity over in Cabo!?! ..I need to add the camel riding and outback safari to my must do list…Great Article!

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