What has traveling with your mom taught you?

Mother and Daughter Camel ride

Mother’s day is 5 days away and I still don’t have a clue what to get my mom. But if it’s one thing I know for sure, the gift of travel far outlast any spa treatment, dinner, kitchen appliance, gift card, etc. From riding on camels through the desert in Egypt to walking the strip in Las Vegas, traveling with my mom has taught me some of life’s most valuable lessons.

So, if your mom is like my mom and she owns a million pairs of everything and would opt for a flight somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, check out a few of our favorite destinations along with our lessons learned along the way.

Lesson #1–Las Vegas, Nevada,”Life ain’t fair, stop crying, get over yourself, and never feel guilty about treating yourself to something sparkly!”  While whining about my  life, my mom taught me that most of life’s problems can be solved with a change in direction or flight plan :) . As we walked the strip she was the first to notice everyone walking with a drink in hand except us. At that moment (as we searched for a margarita on the street), I learned my mom can be my BFF and still parent wholeheartedly. Gotta love her!

The Las Vegas Strip

By John Pozadzides

Why Vegas? Las Vegas is a great destination for a temporary distraction away from problems you’ll barely remember next year anyway!

Lesson #2–Cairo, Egypt “Stop running in place and enjoy the moment.” For my mom’s 60th birthday I planned a minute by minute itinerary to Cairo, Egypt. On our 3rd day during our journey to the depths of the The Great Pyramid of Khufu burial chamber, I looked at my mom’s face  and realized how overwhelmed she was with yet another activity. Seriously, what good is a vacation if you spend every waking minute running around and not simply enjoying the moment.With this I learned, in life, plan to surrender your notion of planning and just get lost time!

Why Egypt? There’s something incredibly humbling about a trip to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The history alone sparks great conversation, the people are super friendly and the sites are amazing.

Lesson #3–Cape Town & Krueger National Park, South Africa,“Let go of the life you planned and accept the life that is waiting for you” Who knew it would take 30 plus years and a 7,000 mile journey away from home for me to realize that I am my own worse critic.  A mother and daughter  group of five traveled to the motherland to unexpectedly have a heart to heart! The lessons were not only priceless but revealing and entertaining at the same dam time!  Sleeping in a cabin, with no TV or radio, you are bound to learn something whether you like it or not.  My mom has never looked down on me. She’s never made me feel like I was missing something by not having kids or being married.

Why Africa? Are you kidding me, Why not, it’s a trip of a lifetime!

Cape Town, South Africa

Mother & Daughter Elephant Trek in South Africa

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or 10-day safari, I can only hope that you think about giving the gift of travel. Although, the mother and daughter dynamic can vary greatly, a simple change of environment opens your mind to new ways of thinking, and a greater awareness of who you are as mother and/or daughter.

Mother & Daughters @South African Winery Tour

What have you learned from traveling with your mom? If you could give your mom or the special woman in your life a trip of a lifetime for Mother’s day where would you go? XOXO & Happy Mother’s Day Travelistas!



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  1. Tanya Harry says:

    My mom is SUCH a different person when she travels. Being away from the burdens of the household— and my nagging dad— makes her a lighter, happier individual. She came to visit me when I lived in Colombia. We bathed in mud volcanoes, discovered secluded beaches, bargained for emeralds and toured the gold museum. 20 years just melted off her body :) Same thing happened when we went to the south of France together. It was like having a sister. I miss those times!

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